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Giftedness Assessment

What to Expect 

Giftedness assessments identify students with high ability in the areas of cognitive and/or academic functioning.  An assessment for identifying giftedness typically includes:

  • Review of developmental, medical, behavioral, and family history

  • Review of report cards, teacher feedback, and results from any previous standardized testing

  • Assessment of cognitive abilities using comprehensive, standardized measures (including verbal and nonverbal abilities, working memory, and processing speed)

  • Assessment of academic achievement in the areas of reading, writing, and math

  • Review of any already completed work that may be indicative of your child’s unique gifts or talents. This could include previously written work (e.g., poems, creative writing, etc.), artwork, and/or audio/video recordings of any musical or theatrical talents, etc.

Further evaluation in additional areas may also be necessary when suspected learning, emotional, behavioral, or attention problems are evident. 

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