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Psychological Assessments

Psychological assessment helps answer questions and concerns you may be having by gathering a comprehensive understanding of an individual's functioning. While the assessment process will vary by individual and the questions presented, it will typically include an interview with Dr. Pentzien, and the completion of psychological tests and questionnaires, and if applicable, a review of available medical and/or academic records. All assessments will include a written report including the reason for the visit, information collected, clinical impressions, test results, and recommendations.

Comprehensive psychological assessments identify behavioral, social-emotional, or developmental concerns. 

Comprehensive psycho-educational assessments identify concerns that may be impacting an individual's academic performance. These typically include tests of cognitive functioning, academic skills, executive functioning, memory, and/or emotional functioning. 

Giftedness assessments identify students with high ability in the areas of cognitive and/or academic functioning.

Other Services 

Academic Coaching

Academic coaching provides students with one on one support in developing learning and study strategies, time management skills, organizational tools, and skills to mange difficult feelings that can arise when someone is struggling academically. Academic coaching services are currently provided virtually or in-person.  


Dr. Pentzien offers interactive psychoeducational workshops on the following topics: 

  • Academic Success Strategies for College Students 

  • Improving Organization and Time Management

  • Perfectionism  

  • Stress Management and Relaxation Strategies 

  • Self Compassion 

  • Improving Body Image

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